History of Lilla Town

History of Lilla Town


Lilla (للہ) is a Small city and association board of Jhelum District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. A part of It is essential for Pind Dadan Khan Tehsil Dist Jehlum (Postal Code-49020)

The town is exactly 220 meters over the ocean level and is situated in focal Punjab. Lilla is otherwise called Lilla Town and Lilla Shareef. This Town have 4 little parts which are name as Lilla Bharwana, Lilla Bhera, Lilla Hindwana and Lilla Gujj.

Lilla Inter Change on M2 Motorway

Area Location

Lying at 32.567° North scope and 72.750°East longitude (Geographical directions in decimal degrees (WGS84))and Lying at 32 34′ 00° North scope and 72 45′ 00°East longitude (Geographical directions in degrees minutes seconds (WGS84))

Lilla is found 163 kilometer’s southwest of Islamabad, in Jhelum District and 3 hours drive from the core of Punjab Lahore. It lies around 2 miles from the M-2 motorway, which interfaces Lahore and Islamabad. It is associated with the M-2 by Lilla Interchange. Lilla is approximately 30 km from Pind Dadan Khan and 116 km to Jhelum. Straight forwardly associated by the M-2 motorway Lahore Islamabad and the course to Khusab, Johrabad, Chakwal and Sargodha. A few urban areas are inside 1 to 2 hours drive including Gujrat (home to fan fabricating), Sargodha, Faislabad, Chakwal, Jhelum and Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.


The town has an environment of outrageous warmth in the summers and moderate cold in the winters. The greatest temperature arrives at 50 °C (122 °F) in the mid year while the base temperature recorded is pretty much as low as edge of freezing over in the colder time of year.


The normal yearly precipitation is 1,200 mm (47 in), a large portion of which falls in the late spring rainstorm season. Nonetheless, westerly unsettling influences likewise get very critical precipitation the colder time of year. In summer, the record most extreme temperature has taken off to 48.4 °C (119 °F) recorded in June 1954, while it has dropped to at least −3.9 °C (25 °F) a few events, however the remainder of which was in January 1967.

It is the hostorical town and its for the most part occupants are Bedouin’s particularly “Ansari” The projects which’s name finished with “L” In Urdu we called as “lam” are the Ansarians aside from certain special cases Such as cast corridor isn’t Middle Easterner yet the Gujj’s are Ansari….The lion’s share of individuals in the town communicate in Punjabi]. Primary positions of Lilla are Marhal, Guliyal, Dulyal, Khushial, Gujj, Nuthlial, Nushial, Maswal, Ranjha, Jat, Bajra, Syed, Peers, Mughals, Mirhnal, Gujj, Chahdar, Phaphrah, Peerrwal, Lambar, Gondal, Ranjha, Chahb, Karmal, Panwar, Hall and Pajhlals are among the clans dwelling here.

The old town has tight roads and swarmed marketplaces.

The fundamental market zone of Lilla is close to “Lari Adda”, “Principle Lilla Chowk”, “Lari Add Chowk” and incorporates “Primary Bazaar”, “Androon Bazaar”, “Shahid Market”, “Porani Mandi Bazaar”, and Ranjha Market. A portion of the principle streets of Lilla are Main Bazar Road, GT Road, Peer Khara Road, Matan Road and Railway Road.

Famous places

Darbar Hazrat Khawja Faiz Bakhsh Chishti Nizami

Darbar Peer Hazrat Lillahi

Essa Shaheed ( Sidhan Badshah

Pir Khara Shareef

Safadar Shah Bukhari (Al MAroof Kakiya Wali Sarkar)

Lilla Mandi

Significant floods

The greatest floods in Jhelum lately were in 1992. Jhelum city and encompassing territories were totally lowered under rising waters.


There are four fundamental mosques and around 30 little mosques in the town. Two mosque and Maddarasa worked by Lillahi Family and numerous young mens have done Hifz e Quran there.


4G Internet Service is accessible in this town since September 2018. The PTCL gives the principle organization of landline phone. All significant cell phone organizations working in Pakistan offer support in Lilla.

Mobile Comunication Companiese Telenor,Mobilink (Warid) & Zong having 4G Services while Ufone Is Working with 3G Network.
Here Majority of People uses Mobilink and Telenor.

Instituations (Educational & Technical)


Special Information about Pir Khara Shareef (7km away from Lilla)

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